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Since 1994, Gilfair employs advanced elutriation technology to refine ball clay, kaolin and has become one of the largest refined ball clay and kaolin supplier for the ceramics industry in China to provide customers with a guaranteed continuous and consistent supply, under all circumstances.

Our extensive network of plants and distribution centers are strategically located all across the major ceramic industry clusters. This enables us to effectively serve our customers in close proximity and constantly add value to their operations. In addition, we continuously monitor developments at home and abroad in order to be prepared to grow and expand in partnership with our customers. Apart from the domestic markets, our products are also well received in more than 20 countries in Middle East, North Asia and South East Asia. ‘Quality product is our tenet. Product stability is or pledge.’ Has always been Gilfair’s commitment for quality assurance to the customers.

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) First
We constantly strive to improve HSE awareness and capabilities with in the Gilfair. We also recognise that our business will not exist without the natural wealth of out environment. For this reason, no matter where we operate, caring for the environment takes precedence in all areas of Gilfair Operations.


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