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● Responsible for your own words and deeds, care about cultivating subordinates
● the company to promote their own responsibility, based on their own positions, to do their own work far better than some empty suggestions
It is duty to work
● master the skills, is to fulfill the responsibility of doing a good job
● Dare to take responsibility is the basic condition for achieving career development
Innovation - business
● Technology innovation - the Group set up a research and development center, hired professionals, long years of product research and development
● Management innovation - organizational structure, incentive mechanism, business model innovation, and constantly looking for their own development model
Innovation - employees
● innovation can not be blind, we must first look at the old staff, high-performance staff is how to do, learn to go to innovation
● temporary innovation is not difficult, the difficulty is continuous innovation
● Every day work is an innovative object
Efficiency - business
● Training staff to work effectively
● information to enhance efficiency
Efficiency - employees
● Through continuous learning, master the skills of clever work
Learn to speak with facts and look at the data
Today's today
Service - business
● management for the staff, employees for customer service
● We use excellent service to win the trust of customers, so that our service has become our biggest competitive advantage
Services - employees
● customer is always right, customer satisfaction is to do a good job proof
● The next process is the customer, so that customer satisfaction is our pursuit
Win - win - business
● 56% of the high-level internal training, the platform manager 100% is trained by the grassroots staff
● The field welcomes any employee who is willing to serve it, including employees who have left the field
● advocate dedication, but the company will not let the dedication of people suffer, can do more labor, more labor, the company and employees personal interests win
Talent view
Talent is the most important strategic resource. Companies focus on providing staff with sustainable development space, from time to time to hold all kinds of technical and management training, training of talents to provide training programs, so that talent and the world and the times.
● people-oriented, meritorious service; people make the best use of their best use. Efficient and responsible people in the field of product and service innovation, customer service, to meet the customer's process, with customers, businesses and society to grow together.


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