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  • Recruitment information

    As a result of our business development, we are now looking for the following positions: 1. Pressure filter worker 6: male, 25-50 years old, strong and strong, can engage in physical strength work, can accept the night shift arrangement, work hard, obey management. 2. A number of workers in the field: 20-50 years old, strong and strong, c...

  • The Mid-Autumn festival send warmth, Gilfair people love in action

    Reunion in the Mid-Autumn festival, people in the two, in this holiday season approaching, our company actively, through various activities, send warm, care, and the surrounding community and company employees, Mid-Autumn festival to celebrate together. Part 1 On September 15, the company all staff representatives to the cliff cliff west gat...

  • To review the 30 exhibition of guangzhou ceramics industry in 2017

    China international exhibition of ceramic industry technology and products through a full 30 spring and autumn period, the annual ceramic industry import and export commodities fair in guangzhou in early June this year JiaoYiGuan - pazhou hall held successfully, and the contented industry annual event to witness the development of China's c...

  • Lean six sigma training course

    Gilfair new mining co. LTD "Lean six sigma" training In this hot summer, the heat and the typhoon still can't stop the enthusiasm and determination of jiayao people's self-improvement. To enhance the comprehensive ability and to build effective team of employees, establishing the learning-type enterprise, the company in 2017 on August...

  • Gilfair people are determined to fight the twin typhoons

    Pigeon this year no. 13 typhoon "day" on August 23rd landing guangdong jinwan district, zhuhai landed near the center's largest wind power level 14, 27 August 14th typhoon "card" made landfall in southeastern guangdong taishan ChiXi town, landed center near the largest wind power reached 12 level. The height of the typhoon and the short ...

  • Gilfair people cheer for the new national games

    The new meeting will be held in August in the new conference. A total of 19 delegations and 2203 athletes participated in the games, which were divided into groups of adults and youth groups. Among them, there are five projects of basketball, table tennis, badminton, men's football and fun sports. The junior group set athletics, swimming...

  • 2017 China Ceramic Industry Exhibition Invitation

     2017 China Ceramic Industry Exhibition Invitation Time: June 1, 2017 - 4 days Location: Guangzhou Pazhou 3.2 International Pavilion, K525 booth   Gilfair Xinhui Mining Co., Ltd. welcome you here!    

  • Super ceramic material

    China's specialty ceramics research and production in the past 20 years has been greatly developed, but in the practical application, production level and the degree of industrialization is still far from the developed countries. Jingdezhen high-tech ceramics in the International Fair, experts predict that by 2010 and 2015, China's specia...



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