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Super ceramic material


China's specialty ceramics research and production in the past 20 years has been greatly developed, but in the practical application, production level and the degree of industrialization is still far from the developed countries. Jingdezhen high-tech ceramics in the International Fair, experts predict that by 2010 and 2015, China's special ceramic output value will reach 30 billion yuan and 45 billion yuan, the market demand is huge.
China's special pottery resources are very rich, strong scientific research. As of 2002, China engaged in special ceramic development of colleges and universities, research institutes and production enterprises have more than 300, of which R & D and production of functional ceramic units accounted for 63.6%, R & D and production of ceramic units accounted for 36.4%. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of silicate, Tsinghua University, China's special materials research has played an important role in promoting.
Special ceramics are widely used in industrial machinery and equipment, gas industry, automobile (motorcycle) industry, textile industry, electrical and mechanical industry, medical equipment and other fields. With the development of economy, the application of high-tech ceramics has also been expanding. "The demand for new materials in various industries in China has promoted the development of special ceramics industry, and the increase in market demand has once again promoted the development of special ceramics industry." It is understood that the development of special ceramics industry, Special pottery can be "heaven", "God" refers to the special ceramics used in aerospace technology industry, "into the ground" refers to the special ceramics can be used in automotive and other industries. At present, special ceramics cover nano ceramics for the electronics industry, ablative materials for spacecraft, gas-sensing ceramics for gas leak detection, bioceramics compatible with the body, transparent ceramics for optical materials, and the like. Li Yunfei introduction, the auto parts industry has become an important application of special ceramics, the control of the exhaust gas catalytic converter is made of special ceramics, single replacement catalytic converter market reached 11 million units / year, profits reached 5.5 billion yuan / year The
First of all, special ceramic materials, especially structural ceramics technical problems, high cost, low reliability, repeatability, resulting in relatively narrow application surface; technological achievements of the industrialization to be strengthened, large-scale production technology and process equipment is relatively backward, Need to be reformed; technology development funds investment is still insufficient.
Second, competition from developed countries and international trade friction is also restricting the development of China's special factors. At present, China's special pottery industry is facing challenges from the developed countries, special pottery business competition. The United States and Japan have developed very rapidly in the production of special pottery. Japan is the world's largest producer of specialty ceramics, in the world special ceramic market, especially the electronic ceramic market dominated. Japan accounted for 60% of the world's specialty ceramics market in 1995, but declined by 50% in 2000. The United States is the world's second largest producer of specialty ceramics, the United States high-tech ceramics annual investment reached 1.2 billion US dollars, in basic research and technology in the world's leading level. Western European high-tech ceramic development is relatively fast, the current European research and development of new ceramic brake discs have been used for super sports car and Audi A8 body.
Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of silicate, functional ceramic engineering research center director Dong Xianlin proposed in the development of advanced ceramics research and development to do: to play the advantages and focus. Advanced ceramic materials, whether it is the type of material or the scope of application, coverage is very wide, we can not exhaustive, must adhere to the "do something, do not do" principle. On the basis of the existing advantages, focus on the international research frontier and the country's major needs effectively combined to seek long-term development. At the same time, establish a sound research and development system, play a team role. Advanced ceramics often have a clear application prospects and target products, therefore, should establish a complete R & D system to ensure research, development and application of continuity.
At present, foreign special ceramic composition according to raw materials can be divided into: iron oxide ceramics, alumina ceramics, titanium oxide ceramics, silicon oxide ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics and metal ceramics. Special ceramic applications range from capacitors, filters, igniters, insulation materials, medical equipment and communication components to expand to the aerospace, satellite and semiconductor chips and other high-tech fields. It is predicted that the world's specialty ceramics since 2000 is 15% to 20% growth rate, by 2010 sales are expected to reach 150 billion US dollars.
In recent years, the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted a new nano-ceramic development, found that the singular properties of nano-metal - superplastic ductility, nano-copper at room temperature can be extended 50 times. At the same time, the national nano-materials, nano-calcium carbonate, silicon-based nano-ceramic powder and products, included in the implementation of national organizations, high-tech industrialization within the notice. China has successfully used a variety of methods made of ceramic particles, including zirconia, titanium oxide, alumina, silicon oxide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and so on. Scientific workers to expand the application of nano-particles in the ceramic modification, proposed the use of nano-additive technology to promote the comprehensive performance of conventional ceramics greatly improved the idea, which indicates that the development of special ceramics into the new "world", the world's special ceramics Industry will achieve a new leap.


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