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Gilfair people are determined to fight the twin typhoons


Pigeon this year no. 13 typhoon "day" on August 23rd landing guangdong jinwan district, zhuhai landed near the center's largest wind power level 14, 27 August 14th typhoon "card" made landfall in southeastern guangdong taishan ChiXi town, landed center near the largest wind power reached 12 level.
The height of the typhoon and the short succession of time has been the highest in the new conference area for more than 50 years.
Our location is adjacent to the two typhoon landing site is only 10 kilometers, typhoon swept through the company's cliff door area, the company production area part of the workshop production equipment and facilities have different degrees of hit, seriously affected the normal production factory operations.
The situation of jiayao in the crossing of the two typhoons

The office block collapsed

Collapse of the office building

Serious damage to the workshop

The roof of the warehouse was overturned by strong winds, and some products were damped by rain

Unity is a concerted effort to rescue and disaster relief
During the typhoon, to ensure the safety of all personnel, the company implemented the government's "five stop" instructions, and transferred outdoor workers to the safe areas.
Power quickly after the typhoon, the company's management organization, set up communication relief operations team, the real-time control and funds for disaster relief and production daily summary of disaster relief and deployment of the specific work of tomorrow, in order to ensure timely delivery for the purport, strive to put the qualified product delivery to our customers.
All jiayao people are united in their efforts to quickly restore the damaged production equipment, power communication facilities and site environment, and urge the factory to resume its normal operation in time.

Employees are in the workshop to clean up



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